Building communities one brilliant idea at a time

At BisonX, we have experienced the feeling of having to leave our hometowns to follow our dreams. We know the frustration of leaving behind family, friends, and community. We also know that with support, talented people with big ideas can stay. They can build their dreams right here in our communities - big towns and little cities. They can help their neighbors by providing jobs and boosting the local economy while they do it.

BisonX is that support. We look for the 97% of founders who have great business ideas that will cash flow - not just tech companies. Not unicorns. Just really good businesses. We help them validate their ideas and provide them with a national network of business resources to help them stand up the company - and we provide $50k grants for them to do it.

A nonprofit 501(c)(3), BisonX needs your support to help keep the American dream of business ownership alive. With your donations, we can fund those $50k grants. Why donate to help a business? Because small businesses are the backbone of our country and without them, we'd all have to live in big cities just to feed our families. Because maybe you have had to leave your hometown and would have liked to stay. Because maybe you have been there and struggled to make your dream come to life - maybe you made it. Maybe you didn't. Pay it forward. Extend a helping hand. Be that person to teach another to fish, and the kindness will come back around.